Prof. Nasser Qaddoumi

2016-01-17 17:23:06
Prof. Nasser Qaddoumi
Professor and Department Head of Electrical Engineering
American University of Sharjah, UAE
Biography: Dr. Nasser Qaddoumi is a Professor and head of the Electrical Engineering Department and the Director of the Microwave Imaging and Nondestructive Evaluation Laboratory at the American University of Sharjah (AUS), UAE. He holds a PhD and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering from Colorado State University, USA. His research and industrial interests are in microwave theory, antenna theory and design, microwave nondestructive testing, biomedical applications of microwaves and ultrasound, material characterization, microwave/RF circuit design and system development. He is known to be one of the pioneers of using open-ended rectangular waveguides for near-field imaging. Dr. Qaddoumi received a number of awards on teaching and research. He has 160+ publications and 1 US patent.
Title of Speech: Microwave Near-Field NDT & E of structures
Abstract: Near-field microwave non-destructive testing and imaging of structures, using different probes, has shown to be a promising and powerful nondestructive testing (NDT) tool for the evaluation of these structures.  Experimentally obtained raw data provide a great deal of detailed information about the properties of a structure.  To better interpret the information contained in such images it is important understand the behavior of microwave energy inside a specimen under inspection. Near-field microwave imaging is based on transmitting a high frequency wave into a dielectric structure, which is located in the near-field of a sensor, and using a signal proportional to the magnitude or phase of the transmitted or reflected wave to create a two or three dimensional impression of the structure under investigation.  Many experimental setups will be presented and their operations are discussed. Experimentally obtained images and scans of different structures containing different types of defects will be presented.
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