About us

The South Asia Institute of Science and Engineering (SAISE) is an academic association who registered in US, established a foothold in South Asia, and now opens up to the whole Asia. SAISE is dedicated to the promotion of international communication and cooperation among researchers and practitioners working in the science and engineering areas. We’re actively involved with a wide range of academic activities in the world. 

We aim to co-organize international conferences with universities, scientific institutions, non-profit bodies, and offer conference services and technical support to academic conferences by making good use of the resource of a large number of members, such as introducing keynote speakers to right conferences, setting up international reviewer teams, finding suitable places for conferences, arrange academic visits and so on.
Our ideal is to provide professional and high-class services, to get a good handle on the non-academic parts of academic conferences, so the conference committee members and scholars could stay one hundred percent focused on the academic parts.
SAISE has cooperated and is now in a collaboration relationship with a lot of well-known academic organizations and universities. Such as National Formosa University, Taiwan; Kyushu Institute of Technology, Kitakyushu, Japan; Fort Hays State University, USA; University of Westminster, UK; National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan; University of Malaya, Malaysia; Universiti Technologi Malaysia, Malaysia; University of Tokyo, Japan; International Neural Network Society (INNS) India Regional Chapter, etc.
SAISE is proficient in organizing conferences as the role of main organizer, co-organizer, or joint organizer. Welcome scholars and conference organizers to contact us and discuss possible ways of cooperation.

Mission Statement                                        
SAISE’s Mission is to promote international communication and develop opportunities for international collaborations among the institutions devoted to science and engineering fields through:
Promotion of best practice standards in the service of international conferences.
The facilitation of relevant forums, training and information exchange. 
Creation and dissemination of knowledge; exert an influence in public policy. 
Presentation of research works, projects and innovation activities in related areas.
Vision Statement                                                         

SAISE believes that this is best achieved through international communication and promotes the development of closer links among relevant institutions and individuals around the world. SAISE supports that such international communication can help countries learn from each other and promotes the dissemination of scientific and engineering activities.
SAISE is also a school where young researches learn how to chair a technical session for the first time, and where young authors are coached how to edit a publishable contribution via a few iterations. 
SAISE intends to achieve the mentioned objectives and get an international visibility by the organization of international conferences and by interacting with public and private organizations from all parts of the world.
SAISE provide the services of the exchanging of worldwide education and culture. We provide the admission service of colleges (schools) and universities for overseas students with respect to A-level, foundation, diploma, first degree, master and doctor degree. SAISE would prepare, promote, arrange, organize, implement and conduct international academic communication and academic tours to labs, institutes, universities, and arranging other programs of visiting, meeting and tours.

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